"she falls into frame with a professional pout" about me tbh

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alex turner’s voice doesn’t sound like it comes out of that body, it really doesn’t

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the english homosexuals in leather have blessed this holy day. christ has risen and so have the dicks of the shadow puppets

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I am deeply saddened to have to tell you that early this morning your classmate Laura Palmer was found dead… this is a terrible moment for all of us, for all of us who knew her, her friends and family and it is important that we all try to help each other through this difficult time.

oh my god, i love hands. and not even just the aesthetics of hands, even though that’s icing on the goddamn cake, i mean the whole idea behind hands. if eyes are the window to the soul, then eyes are like the front door. you can tell a lot about people through their hands, whether they’re soft or rough, whether they talk with them or keep them folded in their lap. and there’s so much you can do with your hands, you can hurt someone or you can give them pleasure, you can work and you can create, you can push someone away or pull them closer, you can feel things. hands are so important. people even pray with their hands, an act that’s totally internal, but if you look at the traditional stance, it’s hands pressed or clasped together… wow hands

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